Glamor Fresh spans four continents with an optimized logistics system so that exotic products grown in the countries of origin are on your table in a matter of hours.


We have offices in Spain, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ghana and Vietnam. In each of these countries we carry out an exhaustive exploration of our fruits to obtain only those that are of exquisite quality.

Our fruits are consumed in more than 15 countries, from Japan to Germany via Spain or Denmark, committed to a global vision in the distribution of premium products from the agri-food sector.

We are proud to bring Peruvian products to French homes or Vietnamese fruits to Spanish restaurants.


We are a world leader in the marketing and transport of mangoes by air.

With all our fruits we make sure that the time spent from the field to a supermarket or wholesalers is as short as possible.

This is only achieved through an optimized logistics network where both, technology and the human factor play a fundamental role; but also an exhaustive quality control guaranteeing that each of our products is ready to eat as soon as they reach the customer.


Glamor Fresh specials are exotic products and others with a high taste level, characterized by distributing only the best product from the best origin of each choice.

For this reason, we exhaustively take care of even the smallest detail of each of our fruits and their presentations. Our experts travel the world carefully examining the best varieties of each fruit and crop.

From the moment they are grown until they arrive at your table, the fruits go through continuous quality and food safety controls.

We make sure that they are in their optimum degree of maturity, that they do not suffer damage during their transport, applying the latest technology techniques and relying on renowned professionals.