CSA Policy

The top management of GLAMOR FRESH SL, a company dedicated to the adequacy and commercialization of fruits and vegetables, in order to ensure the development and implementation of the CSA system and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, undertakes to:

  • Ensure the existence of mechanisms to identify customer needs and satisfaction
  • Communicate throughout the organization the importance of identifying and satisfying customer requirements, and legal and regulatory requirements, through established means.
  • Disseminate this policy, a reference framework for the creation of CSA objectives, to all company workers.
  • To extend its commitment to the environment to all the production processes of the organization and to the training of personnel, as well as to guarantee the sustainability of said processes.
  • Implement an organization-wide commitment to product safety culture.
  • Ensure the existence of analysis, measurement, monitoring and improvement processes for:
    • Demonstrate the conformity of the products and the service provided.
    • Guarantee the safety, quality and legality of the product
    • Make clear product specifications available to our customers in which all applicable legal requirements are met.
    • The conformity and effectiveness of the CSA System, that is, the conformity and effectiveness of all the Processes related to the product specifications.
  • Ensure a pleasant work environment. This refers to those conditions under which the work is carried out, including physical, environmental and other factors, such as noise, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Respect for workers and fair and non-discriminatory treatment, teamwork and camaraderie between the different departments will be encouraged.

The objectives derived from this policy will be reviewed annually and their compliance with the size and complexity of the organization will be assessed.